zondag 17 juli 2011

Ombre hair....

All of my hairdressers doesn't know what light brown and blonde means to me  well lets show them !

I told that i wanted my hair back to blonde so she takes the dark collor away and makes me not  J.lo blonde but awfull ash blonde i absolutly love it..... NOT then she go's telling me i want hair like the hollywood stars ....thats why i go to the hairsaloon to have hair like the stars ! this is what i wanted instead !She said its there natural hair i dont have collors in natural .....like J.lo and jessica alba have natural hair collor i dont think so .This was the last time ive gone to the saloon i'm tiered of getting the wrong collor in my hair i'm growing it out now to have my natural collor and until i have natural ombre hair .

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