woensdag 13 juli 2011

My haircrisis and hair story

I love changing my hair ,but at the end i always want it back the way it was.....
I have always been blonde different blondes but from the age of 14  untill 24 it has been blonde.
So i wanted something different .....
I dyed it chocolat brown ...... i loved it for a month or 3.Peaple gave me compliments everyday but i realized that i don't liked it that much ,just because everytime i look in the mirror i see a stranger it's not me . Friday i'm going to the hardresser and turn it back natural  blonde and light brown not too blonde just want it lighter .The past 2 years i had waxextensions in my hear i really love thick hair so this weekend i'm getting new one's in .I just don't like short hair .I'm used to have dreadlocks .I had them for 6 years .So here's an update of picture's of my hair history  for so far .

this is how i want it back but not too blond ,this was taken  9 months ago.

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