vrijdag 22 juli 2011

zondag 17 juli 2011

Ombre hair....

All of my hairdressers doesn't know what light brown and blonde means to me  well lets show them !

I told that i wanted my hair back to blonde so she takes the dark collor away and makes me not  J.lo blonde but awfull ash blonde i absolutly love it..... NOT then she go's telling me i want hair like the hollywood stars ....thats why i go to the hairsaloon to have hair like the stars ! this is what i wanted instead !She said its there natural hair i dont have collors in natural .....like J.lo and jessica alba have natural hair collor i dont think so .This was the last time ive gone to the saloon i'm tiered of getting the wrong collor in my hair i'm growing it out now to have my natural collor and until i have natural ombre hair .

Current items i bought and love see life trough pink glasses....

Boyfriend jeans short from H&M ,scarve i am in love with the last weeks i bought at the market
purse my mom gave to me ,sunglasses pink bought at zeeman, lovely short green i bought at C&A.
Bought at H&M body lotion daisy duck sweet fruit smell
Body lotion H&M Hello Kitty  and travel lip balm H&M pink

New home for my ferrets

My 3 ferrets(zazooje,willyje,alfredo) are getting a new home in our garden.My boyfriend is painting it and i really am in love with it !He said i could choose the collor so in a minute i said PINK ! After we get back from our traveling week true france they are moving in the little pink house hope they will have a good time in our garden under the tree .

donderdag 14 juli 2011

Make up , styling and photography done by me ....

 I really want to show the world my work : make up , photography and styling by me .(Many more to come)

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Pink and cupcakes....


Love this dress she looks like a cinderella

This Barbie vintage necklace i orderd at http://www.glamatheart.com/ it should be in my mail soon.

Hairstyle's / Side braids

Before i blowdry my hair i always use this heat protecting spray ,it smells verry good and your hair is verry soft! After i blowdry my hair i curl it with a flat iron.

I have a thing for side braids ,but i loved it more if i was blonde .I think i looked younger as a blonde.
Ens yes it's true blondes do have more fun !

I really am in love with this hairstyle

New in my life

These are a few things

Make up table

Zara bag

A gift from my boyfriend jewellry box Thomas Sabo

Thanks granny my first own Moschino purse

New top

Thanks mom Just Cavali

New purse to go to work

Skin care every morning and every evening !

These are the products i use for my skincare routine every day .I love trying new things and brands but if i take a drastic change of products i get acne so i use alot the same for my basic skin care routine .

I remove my make up  with estée lauder perfectly clean cause i'm allergic to any other make up remover. This one is not oily .

My haircrisis and hair story

I love changing my hair ,but at the end i always want it back the way it was.....
I have always been blonde different blondes but from the age of 14  untill 24 it has been blonde.
So i wanted something different .....
I dyed it chocolat brown ...... i loved it for a month or 3.Peaple gave me compliments everyday but i realized that i don't liked it that much ,just because everytime i look in the mirror i see a stranger it's not me . Friday i'm going to the hardresser and turn it back natural  blonde and light brown not too blonde just want it lighter .The past 2 years i had waxextensions in my hear i really love thick hair so this weekend i'm getting new one's in .I just don't like short hair .I'm used to have dreadlocks .I had them for 6 years .So here's an update of picture's of my hair history  for so far .

this is how i want it back but not too blond ,this was taken  9 months ago.