donderdag 22 september 2011

Everyone needs this on there blog ....

So you want to kill yourself? Because no one cares about you. Your family hates you. Right? No. Your parents walking in your room in the morning to only find a dead body. They’ll try their hardest to not think negative, and to just think that you’re fooling around. Then they’ll start shaking you. Why aren’t you breathing? They’ll be broken. Tears. Many tears. More tears than you ever shed. Was it them? Were they the reason you did this? More tears. Pain. Every day. Every night. Every single second of every day. Guilt. More guilt. What about your bestfriends? They’re not going to care. Right? No. What’s the first thing that will go through their mind when your principal comes in and tells the class that you’re not alive. While your bestfriend sits there in tears. That girl that you’d smile at but never talk to? She’s now crying. The boy who used to kick you under the table just to annoy you? He’ll be shocked. He’ll be devastated. He’ll blame himself. What about your teacher? Thoughts crossing her mind. She’ll question if you did it because she didn’t make school comfortable enough for you. Pain. Devastation. All in one. Who organises your funeral? Who has to go through your stuff? Clothes? Notes? Those few older girls who used to give you daggers at school? They’ll feel regret. They’ll blame themselves. See, if you killed yourself today, you’ll never know what might of happened tomorrow. You’ll never know because you’re dead. Plain dead. Not breathing. Not alive. Just dead. Your family hates themselves for it. Your bestfriend then falls into depression. Tears. Tears. More tears than a river. All because you killed yourself because you thought noone would care. Right? You are loved. By many. Someone right now is thinking of you. And right now, I’m thinking about anyone who has thought or is considering suicide. You are beautiful. No matter if you’re black, white, homo-sexual, tall, short, overweight or anorexic. You are beautiful. You want to kill yourself? Think about it first. There’s no coming back. And I promise, if you do it, you are not only hurting yourself, you are hurting many. You are creating more tears than you led yourself to. You are making everyone miserable and making them all feel guilt and pain. Never will they feel whole like they used to when they had you. You are beautiful. And you are never ever alone.

Everyone needs this on there blog
Reblogging in hopes that someone, somewhere, reads this and changes their mind.
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woensdag 21 september 2011

zondag 18 september 2011

Review Remington pro spiral curl iron..........

Review Remington spiral pro curl iron ........

I've waited too damn long to buy this curling iron it makes the perfect spiral curls i want ,and they stay
all day ....all night and even the day after .
The price was 19,99 Euro and bought it @ Mediamarkt .

woensdag 14 september 2011

vrijdag 9 september 2011

Make a wish by Glam at Heart ....

Today....... i'm gonna show you something wonderfull something magical and inspiring for many people all over the world !

 Make a wish by Glam at Heart works to help the world to be a better place for children.
Her name is Elfi you can find her on facebook!/GlamAtHeart

A foundation that grants the wishes Of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

We can help her out by buying these wonderfull t-shirts FOr Only 34,95 EUR yOu’ll be wearing a GlamOrous shirt, with a sweet message to share with the world!

Each SOld shirt –> 5 EUR fOr MAKE A WISH!

   The collection is called "UNWRAP ME "

    The designer of these amazing
         t-shirts is Sander Put

If you wanna know more about the make a wish foundation you can check this website out for Belgium

International :   

You can buy them at,
This magical website and make the world a better place !(Dreams do come true )

 As Elfi would say  Kisses and cupcakes .....xxxxx

Jane Fonda hairstyle....

                                               Jane Fonda Hairstyle

maandag 5 september 2011

New items i bought Haul H&m and claire's ....

top: H&M
wool headband :H&M
headbow : H&M
Leave me alone :Claire's( It's not healthy if the room isn't dark ,so give it a try you will sleep much better and you will feel it in the morning(beautysleep).