donderdag 7 maart 2013

Review Biotherm.....AQUASOURCE

I'm using  the last year the same products of L'occitane and i really loved it  i still love it but my skin is really difficult if i use the same product for too long my skin feels really tired and i break out .
So i tought its time for something new so i bought the facial wash , lotion and creme but its not really a creme its more water based .Really good for oily skin witch a have and hate it so much.
The facial wash is like a scrub and it feels really nice on my skin  the lotion really refreshes my skin and the gel is so moisturising it hydrates my skin so much .I am in love with the prodcts my skin felt the last weeks really dehydrated and i needed a change it feels so soft now and i look less tired .

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