dinsdag 13 december 2011

L'occitane review .........

These products are the best products since ages !
I bought the cleansing foam in travel size to try out , its amazing how good it works !
I've always been a clinique fan but this is really the stuf!
Your skin looks amazing and really cleansed,it feels so soft and no more acne that is my worst problem so i've been using it now for almost a week and since i've used it my skin is now clean and young.
I'm gonna buy the essential water too.

This goodie bag i bought for myself !Hey i want to look nice too for the holidays !
if you buy for 50 euros  you can buy this goodiebag for 10 euro and it's worth alot more .
The almond bad oil is amazing it smells so great and my skin is so soft !
The handcreme is the best i've ever used , i'm still trying out the precious creme anti aging so i will review that later .
The little parfume is so cute and smells like you just went in a garden of roses!

I bought it at the l'occitane store at brugge but they also have a webshop :

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